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  • Laurel Appel

Radical Grace

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


There is something missing in today’s Christian community and its absence is devastating to people’s faith, freedom, and understanding of the gospel message. What’s missing is the revolutionary, life-changing, chain-breaking, and truly radical grace of God. Radical Grace: Live Free and Unashamed will help you discover that kind of grace.

  • Find your authentic self and true value in God.

  • Avoid the B.S. Gospel, work/reward approach to life, and graceless teachings.

  • Understand your dual nature and break the cycle of trying to conquer your sin.

  • Break free from the weighty chains of legalism and the CODE.

  • Receive the victory Jesus has already given you as you walk in righteousness.

You can live free and unashamed when you embrace God’s radical grace.


Please enjoy the following excerpt from Radical Grace: Live Free and Unashamed

Chapter 1

The Reason

Why radical grace?

Red juice splattered the room where I stood, frustrated, next to my infant son in his crib as he cried, profusely. I had just hit the wall, physically when I hurled his bottle at it, but also emotionally and mentally.

I was 24 years old, depressed, stressed, and at the peak of my agoraphobia (fear of public places). My marriage was hanging on by a thread, my husband, Phil, was a full-time engineering student at college by day and worked full-time at a hospital during the graveyard shift, and there I was, in the middle of the night, with a baby boy that wouldn’t sleep and wouldn’t stop crying. I had spent the last twenty years keeping it together, hiding my shame, excelling in everything so I could cover up how awful I felt about myself. That dreadful night was when it all reached my breaking point.

I was an exhausted new mom without the faintest idea of how to care for another human being. I had gone into my son’s room several times to see if I could convince him to go to sleep to no avail. I picked up his bottle of juice…okay, so you seasoned moms are thinking, why juice? No wonder he wasn’t sleeping. Yeah, I could have used your sage advice back then.

Anyway, I took that bottle and pitched it at the wall as if I was Orel Hershiser on the mound at Dodger Stadium. My voice cracked as I screamed in despair. The bottle broke and juice went flying everywhere. Red dots spotted the walls like it had the chicken pox, and tears poured down my face as I realized that I couldn’t do this anymore. I was at the end of my rope.

As I fell to the floor, broken and sobbing, crippling thoughts filled my mind. I don’t want to be this kind of mommy. Am I capable of abusing my child? Am I going to allow the effects of my childhood abuse to be inherited by my own children? I am tired of trying. I can’t do it anymore.

These thoughts scared me to my core. I knew something had to change. I also knew that I couldn’t fix myself on my own. If God would speak to me, I would listen.

We all have our unique story. You may have a pivotal point in yours, like this juice fit I had, that woke you up to the knowledge that something had to drastically change. Maybe it was a devastating medical diagnosis, the death of a loved one, or hitting rock bottom somehow. Maybe that pivot point is taking place right now as you find yourself feeling lifeless or thirsting for an elusive freedom that you thought you would obtain by receiving Christ, yet it remains out of reach.

I found that freedom, and I want to share it with you. It took time, but I did finally discover the pure and revolutionary grace of God that extended that freedom to me and healed my soul.

I am free from that old self, free from trying to do the impossible of making myself right, and free from thinking I am unworthy of anything good. I am free in God’s radical grace, and you can be too.


Friends, I was inspired to write this book because I want you to live in the freedom and joy that God’s radical grace provides you. You will also read my story about how I have been lifted out of my life of depression and legalistic living and have become authentically Laurel, alive to God, and am now living in the victory that Jesus has given me. I want that for you too.

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