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Laurel Appel

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award-winning author

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About Laurel


Laurel Appel resides in North Carolina with Phillip, her Junior High sweetheart of 40 years. They have been married 33 of those years and have three wonderful adult children. Two of their children are married and have blessed them with three cherished granddaughters.

​Life has certainly allowed Laurel to have a diversity of experiences that have influenced her mission and ministry. She has a heart for people to know they are loved, free, and can live without shame. Her own journey to accepting these facts has given her compassion for those who struggle to believe they are true.

​Laurel’s love of teaching led her to homeschool her children, teach Sunday School and women’s study groups, develop Bible studies for both children and adults, and run a homeschool co-op for her community. She enjoyed teaching a variety of children's classes such as Bible studies, art, music, and cake decorating. Now she uses that passion as a Relationship Coach, Bible study teacher, and author. Laurel recently published the award-winning book, Radical Grace: Live Free and Unashamed.

​Laurel brings together her years of experience and Biblical knowledge to share God’s love and grace with the world. She is committed to the truth of the Word of God and her delight is to lead people to the truth of God’s radical grace.

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